The Flyerplann

Invest in your own busi­ness with Flyermann’s roadmap­ping sys­tem, towards a bet­ter tomor­row for your orga­ni­za­tion – order now!

  • Let Fly­er­mann for­mu­late the detailed require­ments of your project.
  • Gain your ‘Fly­er­plann’: a Fly­er­mann roadmap to hold all require­ments of your project in check.
  • Gov­ern invest­ments – time, resources, mon­ey – by choos­ing the right plan.

The Product

The ‘Fly­er­plann’ roadmap­ping is a prod­uct which scope, time and goal are lim­it­ed and spec­i­fied as fol­lows:

01: The Roadmapping Session

  • Fly­er­mann sets up half a day to a full day of active think­ing, brain­storm­ing and work in your office.
  • Its dura­tion and agen­da depends on the size of the project and on the amount of stake­hold­ers — all of them are involved at this stage.
  • High­light busi­ness pains, orga­nize busi­ness goals.
  • Bridge prob­lems and solu­tions.
  • Cal­cu­late the cost of pains vs. the cost of solu­tions.
  • Iden­ti­fy and crush the risks asso­ci­at­ed to your project.

02: The ‘Flyerplann’

The final deliv­er­able — what your busi­ness actu­al­ly gains: a doc­u­ment, called the ‘Fly­er­plann’.
You receive:

  • An archi­tec­ture of the detailed require­ments of your project.
  • A roadmap built upon these require­ments.
  • Sev­er­al designed plans to meet your goal and the abil­i­ty to select yours.

The First Action Towards A Better Tomorrow

Invest in roadmap­ping now!

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