Web Operations Packages

Fly­er­man­n’s sys­tem for admin­is­ter­ing web­sites – order now!

  • Make sure your web­site is safe and reli­able by keep­ing it up-to-date and pow­ered by the lat­est tech­nol­o­gy updates.
  • Boost, opti­mize and mon­i­tor your web­site per­for­mance.
  • Safe­guard and defend your web­site with a full secu­ri­ty hard­en­ing and active pro­tec­tion sys­tem.
  • Upgrade, down­grade or can­cel at will.

The Products

WP Updates
CHF 39/mo
31£ | 39$ | 35€
when bun­dled with the
Back­ing or Upkeep
design all-in pack­ages
Keep the Word­Press core updat­ed to its lat­est sta­ble ver­sion
Keep the plu­g­ins updat­ed to their lat­est sta­ble ver­sion
Plu­g­ins com­pat­i­bil­i­ty check-up
Iden­ti­fy and track plu­g­ins com­pat­i­bil­i­ty issues
Dai­ly back­up
If not pro­vid­ed by web host
SEO ready
SSL ready
WP Safe Poten­cy
CHF 59/mo
46£ | 59$ | 54€
when bun­dled with the
All Out Care
design all-in pack­age
WP Updates
CDN hook-up
Improve user expe­ri­ence and page speed
Improved caching
Con­tent mini­fy­ing
Images opti­miza­tion
Data­base opti­miza­tion
Uptime mon­i­tor­ing
Plu­g­ins per­for­mance check-up
Iden­ti­fy and track plu­g­ins per­for­mance issues
WP Stron­groom
CHF 89/mo
70£ | 89$ | 81€
when bun­dled with the
design all-in pack­age
WP Safe Poten­cy
2‑steps authen­ti­ca­tion
Real-time net­work secu­ri­ty
Scan for mal­ware, phish­ing URLs, tro­jans, back­doors and sus­pi­cious code
Files integri­ty check-up
Effec­tive secu­ri­ty hard­en­ing
Web­site fire­wall
Secu­ri­ty black­list mon­i­tor­ing
Brute-force attacks block­ing
Mali­cious IPs block­ing
Post-hack secu­ri­ty actions

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