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Ladies and gentlemen, this is Flyermann – jumping from comics to the Fine Arts to html & css to script writing to editorial design to art direction to logo design to javascript to filming & editing. Unlike the cat, curiosity didn't kill Flyermann.

I have been active in the field of graphic, brand and web design for now 15 years: I have been solving problems in web and communication agencies, IT companies and as a freelance designer – experiencing both big corporate and lightweight, startup-like environments.

The Flyermann design consultancy was born as a result of the past years practices and teachings.

Maximilien, Founder.



cover art.
editorial design.
lp/cd/dvd packaging.

brand / logo

logo design.
brand identity.
corporate guidelines.
application branding.


responsive web / mobile first.
site and app design.
user experience.
information architecture.
interaction design.
UI and visual design.
wordpress integration & maintenance.

Products - Consulting

roadmapping with 'flyerplann'

Invest towards a better tomorrow for your organization.

  • Let Flyermann formulate the detailed requirements of your project.
  • Gain your 'Flyerplann': a Flyermann roadmap to hold all requirements of your project in check.
  • Govern investments - time, resources, money - by choosing the right plan.

Flyermann wants you successful.

Let us think out the future of your organization.
Bridge problems and solutions, organize business goals.
Crush the risks and focus on value adding targets.
Flyerplann — the first investment towards your better tomorrow!

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Products - Design

design all-in packages

Flyermann’s system for growing businesses

  • Experience continued support and continuous project completion.
  • Entrust Flyermann with your monthly design routines.
  • Flyermann focuses on your prosperity by providing regular design services to your business.

Boom benefits.

Reclaim control over your visual & online communication.
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chf 589/mo
Half a day to handle your small design routine tasks.
Web Operations Package
WP Updates
£479 | $623 | €534
chf 1139/mo
A full day dedicated to growing your business.
Web Operations Package
WP Updates
£926 | $1,204 | €1,032
All Out Care
chf 1139/mo
aka Upkeep Premium, 1.5 day for the sake of your business.
Web Operations Package
WP Safe Run
£926 | $1,204 | €1,032
chf 2559/mo
Half a week committed to handling your design routine and processing more in-depth consultancy.
Web Operations Package
WP Security
£2,081 | $2,705 | €2,319

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Products - Web

web operations packages

Flyermann’s system for administering websites

  • Make sure your website is safe and reliable by keeping it up-to-date and powered by the latest technology updates.
  • Boost, optimize and monitor your website performance.
  • Safeguard and defend your website with a full security hardening and active protection system.

Starting at chf 0 /month!

Gain peace of mind.

Let yourself be unbound from the worry and the pain of supervising your website.
Hand over to Flyermann!

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Design is the law, design under will.