Hail Design, Hail Satan!

Hail Design, Hail Satan.

Design­ers are design­ing a world that is busi­ness-cen­tered with­out know­ing it.

This is what “Design(ers) con­flict of inter­est”, a 2018 arti­cle by Flo­rentin Hor­topan claims.(1) To sum it up:

What should be human-cen­tered design becomes too eas­i­ly busi­ness-cen­tered design on the altar of productivity.

Just read the whole text if you like, it’s not long and there are chances you’ll agree with Flo­rentin. I mean, we fun­da­men­tal­ly all agree. Nobody pub­licly asserts that Earth must be destroyed in the short term for the sake of glob­al­ized econ­o­my… do they?
(By the way, if real­ly you think Earth must be destroyed, keep calm and get in touch with the VHEMT.(2) They’ve got a plan for you.)

Loading irresponsibility

Oki doki. Let’s have a look at Fly­er­man­n’s teas­er line: “Val­ue-Cen­tered Design”. You may call me evil or tox­ic or “irre­spon­si­ble by design” (as Hor­topan says). But you have to admit I’m aware of what I do and I am hon­est with all oth­ers and myself, and mankind shall con­quer Mars.

Value-Centered Design Thru Creative Leadership

So, here we go again, Mr. Crow­ley. Repeat the mantra:

  • Do what thou wilt,
  • Be ful­ly cog­nisant of what you do,
  • Face lucid­ly the con­se­quences of your actions, and
  • Bear sole respon­si­bil­i­ty for them.

Now, dear End Users, Fly­er­mann — as usu­al — won’t leave you alone in the dark when it comes to your online life. Let me help you iden­ti­fy some uneth­i­cal design pat­terns and train your brain: vicious creepy demons designed the apps you’re using on a dai­ly basis. Luke Wrob­lews­ki is Cthul­hu and all hail Cthul­hu’s work, includ­ing myself.

Take care and stay safe,
Mon­sieur Mishi­mo­to, Art Direc­tor at Flyermann

(1) Design(ers) con­flict of inter­est by Flo­rentin Hor­topan
(2) VHEMT.org