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The ASE Logo

Fly­er­mann proud­ly releas­es the ASE logo design, made with love and in no time. To defend and pro­tect our land as well as its his­tor­i­cal, archi­tec­tur­al and cul­tur­al her­itage against evil forces!

The Typographic Moodboards of OZ

Typo­graph­ic mood­boards released dur­ing the visu­al design phase of OZ’s web­site, an inter­na­tion­al­ly renowned Swiss painter, illus­tra­tor and cartoonist.

That funny li’l illustration

Cov­er illus­tra­tion for Ssas­sa’s “Schn­abel­wet­zer 3” CD. Music for kids: “We love it and so do the kids!”

Intello-porn, élucubrations et situationnisme obscène

Est-ce quelque chose comme de l’intello-porn?
Du classé X situationniste?
Une approche lib­er­taire de la sexualité?
Une “invi­ta­tion ent­hou­si­as­mante, lib­er­taire et lib­er­tine à pour­suiv­re la con­quête de notre liberté?” 

The Flyers, The Posters, El Kablo

Work­ing with El Kablo Licht und Ton, the great­est, ulti­mate punk rock’n’roll trash garage sound engi­neer is… sort of… offbeat.